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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hello to my fellow primitive bloggers.  This is my first blog.  Please bear with me as I figure out blogging. My husband and I are getting back to crafting/building furniture after being away from it for many years.  We made crafts probably 15 years ago and sold at local craft malls.  We left the business for various reasons.   But he is now retired and we thought this would be a good way to keep him busy and we love primitive decor.  (really I thought it would be a good way to keep him in the basement.  Don't tell him that.)  We will be doing repurposed primitive decor and he will be building new shelves, cupboards, etc.  I used to like making dolls etc., but I am no longer able to do that type of craft due to arthritis in my hands.

We live in Western Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh.  Primitive decor is not too popular in our area.  We do live about 2 hours from Holmes County, Ohio.  There is lots of prim decor there.  This is one of our favorite places to visit.  Lots of good shopping and Amish restaurants.  If you need a good recommendation, just let me know.  I have tried just about all of them.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife (48 years) a mother of two two-legged daughters and one four-legged baby.  I am also the grandmother of 4.  All my grandchildren come in pairs.  I have a set of identical girl twins and a set of identical boy twins (all to the same mommy).  They are all grown up now.

I hope the blog will give me a chance to meet many new friends that share the love of prim decor.


  1. Welcome to Blogger Lois! Wishing you much success with your new venture!

  2. Congratulations on starting your blog! I've been blogging for over four years now and I just love it. I happen to live in Wayne County, which is right next to Holmes county. We visit there often! :0)

  3. Welcome, Lois! I am now following. Looking forward to your posts. So you live in Penn. 'Surprised that prim crafting is not too popular there. I love studying about the Amish also. I am also a twin (have a twin sister). Please feel welcome to visit my blogs. My main blog is Homespun Hannah's Blog. I just started a Giveaway an hour ago also :)


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